The Return of Toilet Duck

> August 25th, 2013 ---

Hello Wrestling/Improv/Comedy fans!

We are thrilled to be back with a long overdue show.  This week we examine the 'go-home' Smackdown leading into this year's Summerslam and we welcome a special new guest.  Stay cool and follow your 's' with an 'h'!

Old Spock New Spock

> May 16th, 2013 ---

this week we talk Smackdown as aired on May 10th, musical group FUN and the awesome new Audi commercial that has tie-ins to the new Star Trek movie

Whip My Hair

> April 23rd, 2013 ---

Wrestling/Comedy/Improv fans!

This week we analyze Smackdown, write a theme song for the ROH tag champs Redragon and delve into the genius that is Jimmy Fallon's version of Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" (we tacked the song onto the end of the podcast for your listening pleasure). Stay cool and follow your 's' with an 'h'!

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